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First and very quickly, thank you for starting something that has transformed my whole life. I owe you a debt of gratitude for sharing your knowledge and personal stories. FengShui has changed parts of my life I did not foresee, as like you did at the beginning.
-Erin Middlebrooks
"Lillian Too's feng shui site has been big news. FengShui is the Chinese art of geomancy- a cross between psychic energy and interior design - and Lillian Too can make a Swiss ski chalet seem as spiritual as Stonehenge... in Asia she is a celebrity and her online consultations are burning up lots of Asian band-width..."
"... she is not the sort of proponent of this ancient Chinese art who peddles her knowledge to companies... what she does, and has done with considerable success, is write books about fengshui..."
-Smart Investor
This letter is to commend your contribution towards spreading the knowledge of FengShui through & books. It has always been an eye-opener & knowledgeable experience every time I visit your site WOFS.COM & read your books which I bought especially WATER DRAGON, FLYING STAR & EIGHT MANSIONS.
"Too distills the essence of the practice and explains in simple terms how fengshui can improve anyone's life..."
- Vogue